The set of all germs of smooth functions at a point

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We usually work in the special case of smooth functions, that will be assumed here (so [math]C^k_p(\mathbb{R}^n)[/math] is a notation for this set, but there is no general one for other kinds of functions - use words to define them)

  • Assume "on [math]\mathbb{R}^n[/math]" in the absence of a space. That is, assume [ilmath]C^\infty_p[/ilmath] denotes [ilmath]C^\infty_p(\mathbb{R}^n)[/ilmath]

[math]C^\infty_p(A)[/math][1][2] is the set of all germs of [math]C^\infty[/math] (smooth) functions on [ilmath]A[/ilmath] at [ilmath]p[/ilmath]

See also


  1. An introduction to manifolds - Second Edition - Loring W. Tu
  2. Introduction to smooth manifolds - Second Edition - John M. Lee