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Use: {{link|homomorphism|group|ns=optionalns}} to get a link homomorphism to the optionalns:homomorphism (group) page.

  • As of 10th of September 2016, you can now use the Template:Plural syntax, eg:
    • {{link|variable symbol|FOL|s}} for a link as usual, but displayed as variable symbols and
    • {{link|pupp|example|y|ies}} for a link to the puppy (example) page, rendered as puppies.
  • As of 7th of September 2017 you can use interwiki links, using the w or wiki parameter
  • As of 31st of December 2017 (@1916) you can now use replace1=X so {{link|X|replace1=Z|...}} renders as [[X...|Z...]]
    • UPDATE PLAN: (required as it's used in 225 pages at time of writing)
      1. Test that a template page being a redirect will forward parameters first
        • This way we can leave a redirect behind for the move in step 2, thus not breaking everything
      2. Move Template:Link to template _Link - ~Link
      3. Re-write template:Link to forward parameters initially
      5. ALTER template:link to forward with replace1 set with a list index of sorts, using Template data:Link substitutions's /List
    • STATUS: