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m (Adding room for the "cell" sub-page template with styles. And a note about what to do.)
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! Table header
! Table header
{{!}} style="background-color:#1AB6E8;{{#if:{{{border|}}}|{{:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/cell/styles/border/{{{border|}}}|}}}}" {{!}} {{{1|''(empty)''}}}<noinclude>
{{!}} style="background-color:{{:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/cell/styles/colour/carry}};{{#if:{{{border|}}}|{{:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/cell/styles/border/{{{border|}}}}}|}}" {{!}} {{{1|''(empty)''}}}<noinclude>

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Table header


  • I plan to make this into something based off the BASENAME/cell page with an extra style for the carry effect, passing through any other styles as needed. All that will be under the cell page, Styles will be under cell/styles/[TYPE]/.... where [TYPE] is "border" for example. Or "colour" then the options are subpages of that.