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Hi, I'm Alec; I've done [ilmath]99.9\%[/ilmath] of the work on this site easy and I am the administrator. You can contact me on my talk page (I use this site regularly) or at "alec" [ilmath]\mathcal{A}\top[/ilmath] unified[ilmath]\rightarrow[/ilmath]mathematics[ilmath]\cdot[/ilmath] com

The project has not gone entirely dormant. I've just been busy on other things Alec (talk) 21:05, 8 May 2018 (UTC)

I must also remember to deal with pages tagged by Template:XXX as they have no grade/category system! Same for Template:Todo - I'm not sure how they're different!

Don't forget about: Category:Finished notes
Or User:Alec/BookTemplate
Or User:Alec/NewTodoTemplate
Or Characteristic property of the disjoint union topology/Proof
Or User:Alec/ParametricPages
Or /Modules
Or /Unnamed inequality
Or /Exam Qs
Or /Questions to do
Or /Pages to do
Or /Goals
Or /Manifolds pages
Or /Link templates added: Alec (talk) 02:07, 31 December 2017 (UTC)
Or /Template redirect test added Alec (talk) 19:26, 31 December 2017 (UTC)
Or Category:Urgent work, or {{Alec's terminology|construct}} and my plan to make a template and version conventions, so pages made before a convention took effect can easily give a link to conventions they do follow, ideally with the ability to "do trials", eg version T7 is "trial 7", some base version + whatever trial 7 is, T8 would be potentially another trial/proposal + another base version, and V6 would be everything V5 is plus whatever new conventions V6 establishes. This way a page is everything at or before its convention. Alec (talk) 11:46, 5 November 2018 (UTC)


As of Saturday, 9/Dec/2023 at 02:12:


Things not to forget

Pages being worked on


Symbol Command
[ilmath]\trianglelefteq[/ilmath] \trianglelefteq
[ilmath]\triangleq[/ilmath] \triangleq
[ilmath]\ntrianglelefteq[/ilmath] \ntrianglelefteq

Current projects

Currently ensuring that all existing measure theory articles are "up to a decent standard" and working on Measure Theory, following Halmos' example (rings).


Diagram for Characteristic property of the product topology:

[ilmath]\begin{xy} \xymatrix{ & & \prod_{\alpha\in I}X_\alpha \ar[dd] \\ & & \\ Y \ar[uurr]^f \ar[rr]+<-0.9ex,0.15ex>|(.875){\hole} & & X_b \save (15,13)+"3,3"*+{\ldots}="udots"; (8.125,6.5)+"3,3"*+{X_a}="x1"; (-8.125,-6.5)+"3,3"*+{X_c}="x3"; (-15,-13)+"3,3"*+{\ldots}="ldots"; \ar@{->} "x1"; "1,3"; \ar@{->}_(0.55){\pi_c,\ \pi_b,\ \pi_a} "x3"; "1,3"; \ar@{->}|(.873){\hole} "x1"+<-0.9ex,0.15ex>; "3,1"; \ar@{->}_{f_c,\ f_b,\ f_a} "x3"+<-0.9ex,0.3ex>; "3,1"; \restore } \end{xy}[/ilmath]

Characteristic property of the subspace topology:

  • [math]\forall S\in\mathcal{P}(X)\left[\forall Y\forall\mathcal{K}\in\mathcal{P}(\mathcal{P}(Y))\left(\overbrace{\mathcal{T}(Y,\mathcal{K})\implies}^{\text{if }(Y,\mathcal{K})\text{ is a topology then} }\Big[\underbrace{\forall f\in\mathcal{P}(Y\times X)}_{\text{relations from }X\text{ to }Y}\big(\overbrace{\mathcal{F}(f)\implies}^{\begin{array}{c}\text{if }f\text{ is a}\\\text{function then} \end{array} }[\mathcal{C}(f)\iff\mathcal{C}(\iota_S\circ f)]\big)\Big]\right)\right][/math]

Things I want to use

Linked list documentation diagram:

             * B is the node to be removed.
             * We do this by binding A forward to C
             * BEFORE: 
             * ---> +---+---------> +---+---------> +---+-----
             *....  | A |           | B |           | C |    ....
             * -----+---+ <---------+---+ <---------+---+ <---
             * AFTER:       ,------------------.
             * ---> +---+--'        +---+-------'-> +---+-----
             *....  | A |           | B |           | C |    ....
             * -----+---+ <-.-------+---+        ,--+---+ <---
             *               `------------------'
             *  Note that B.previous.bindForwards( is the same
             *  as
             *  A nice side-effect of this is that provided one has a 
             *  ref counting scheme in place (which you need basically
             *  need for safe multi-threaded schemes anyway) any iterators
             *  "pointing" to B remain valid.
             *  Make sure that this "rail-road" situation where going
             *  forward and back MIGHT not be inverses is well documented
             *  and expected.